Inch Worm Technology

WaterCare's patented Inch Worm™ technology is an enhancement to all of our Ion Pro® air-charged filtration products. This feature gently releases air, inch-by-inch, when the valve advances into backwash. With traditional filtration units, this transition can cause noisy and violent thrashing of the drain line. Much like releasing a balloon filled with air, a large rush of air and water exits uncontrollably sending the drain line flying if not properly secured. An Ion Pro air-charged filter has advanced electronics to regulate the amount of air exiting the unit to do so peacefully.

Filtration using a column of air is a revolutionary concept of oxidizing sulfur, iron, and manganese to form precipitates (or solids) that can easily be filtered and removed by a chemical-free solution. They are some of the most effective point-of-entry filters on the market, but the high-pressure release of air can be troublesome.

A filter capable of utilizing Inch Worm technology is the perfect solution to effectively reduce sulfur, iron, or manganese, with worry-free regenerations.

How It Works

The first cycle an air-charged filter enters when regenerating is called the "Backwash Air Position". In this position, the electronics control the valve as it goes through a series of very small movements ("inching along").

As the water level creeps to the top of the tank, air is released slowly and more importantly, harmlessly down the drain. This Inch Worm allows for the filter to expel the pressurized excess air without the violence associated with other air systems.

The Air Release Cycle

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