"We were in the market for a whole-house water conditioning system and found Wandels' WaterCare to be a very competitive provider. Dealing with the owner Dan and his salesman James was a pleasant experience, there were no uncomfortable high pressure sales tactics used and they were genuinely interested in improving our water quality from our well. They were professional, courteous and answered all our numerous questions. The installation was very professional and was completed in a timely manner. Based upon our experience we would recommend Wandels' WaterCare to our family and friends for their future water quality needs."
Dan and Ingrid H., Negaunee MI

"Fantastic Customer Service, More than one of my customers has gone out of their way to comment that the WaterCare water was the best they had ever tasted, Easy to work with."
Bruce R., "Good Times Music" Houghton MI

"Have rented our system for 5 years. Wouldn't be without it. Service top notch."
Wanda M., Bruce Crossing MI

"We were looking for a company to service our existing water system when it quit working. I contacted Wandels' WaterCare to come out and look at our system. They came out on time, were very knowledgeable and caring - They cleaned and serviced our system, got it hooked-up and running again. It's great to have clear and odorless water again. I can't say enough good things about this company. I highly recommend Wandels' for all your water needs."
Debbie C., Gwinn MI

"Because of where we live, we have needed help with improving the quality of our water and Wandels' WaterCare have been our choice for their knowledge, dependability, friendliness, and willingness to troubleshoot any problems or questions we have ever had. We are happy with our water."
Harriet F., L'Anse MI

"We had Wandels' WaterCare come out and check our water because we had stains in our bathroom tub and sink. The stains are cleared up and the taste of the water has improved 100%. We love our new water system."
Daniel and Rita N., Ishpeming MI

"With new kitchen appliances and an updated bath, it was time to address our hard well water. Scaling and water spotting had negatively impacted our appliances, dishes, and showers over the years. Obtaining recommendations and quotes from a few firms, we chose Wandels'. James Larsen was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. He offered great suggestions and helpful recommendations, including improvements for the existing whole-house filtration system to make it easier to service. The installation work was completed professionally and on time in a tight timetable as the kitchen project was being finished. The WaterCare system works great, our water spotting has been eliminated, and our appliances have extended life with the improved water quality. And the WaterCare products are “Made in America”! Thanks to the Wandels' WaterCare team for great service and a job well done."
Mike and Mary Kay S., Negaunee MI

"We live at the very northern tip of the Michigan Keweenaw Peninsula, a remote area. We are accustomed to companies failing to return our calls or showing up for service. Wandels' not only showed up immediately, but also actually installed a temporary filter system at no cost to us just to determine if it would work for us before going to the expense of installing it permanently. You can't ask for more than that!"
Ruth V.G., Dapple Gray Bed & Breakfast and Dapple-Gray Antiques, Eagle Harbor MI

"I am very pleased with my new WaterCare system. I finally have drinkable water and my clothes and hair have lost that iron color. Everyone I've dealt with has been very considerate and informative."
Ida S., Little Lake MI

"We live in a rural area in Gwinn MI – away from a city water source. It was necessary to have a well drilled and as a result the water was high in iron oxide which stained the laundry, appliances, and pipes – it also had an odor. To eliminate the problem we turned to Wandels' WaterCare and are more than pleased with the results –as a bonus it has also saved us money on laundry soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products."
Paul and Gail T., Gwinn MI

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